Friday, January 23, 2009

Amway UK/ROI Open Meetings

More Great News from Amway:

Amway Opportunity Meetings

Amway is pleased to announce a series of Opportunity Meetings across the UK and RoI.

These meetings are open to all ABOs and their prospects and will incorporate the showing of the Amway Plan and will be attended by an Amway member of staff.

These meetings are a first for the UK and RoI and will continue on a monthly basis. We will inform you of future dates by email and posting details on or

Please note : an essential feature of the Amway Sales & Marketing Plan is the maintenance of the integrity of the Lines of Sponsorship. Amway has strict rules prohibiting interference in another ABOs Business, which includes seeking a prospect's participation in the Amway Business Plan.

Date & Venue - Times : 8pm start

2nd February 2009
Buckerall Lodge Hotel
Topsham Road
Exeter, Devon
Tel : 0844 855 9112

Plan - Gordon & Ruth Wadey
Amway representative - Anne Pester

2nd February 2009
Best Western Premier
Leyland Way
PR25 4JX
Tel : 01772 422922

Plan - Duncan Campbell & Alison Wightman
Amway representative - Maggie Hoyland

2nd February 2009
Lamon House Hotel
41, Gransha Road,
BT23 5RF
Tel : 028 90448631

Plan - Gary McCreery
Amway representative - Robyn Crewe

3rd February 2009
Bostock Lane,
Long Eaton,
NG10 4EP
Tel : 0115 946 5111

Plan - Ivan & Lynne Bett
Amway representative - Shirley Marelli

3rd February 2009
Holiday Inn Eastleigh
Leigh Road,
SO50 9PG
Tel : 0870 4009075

Plan - Allen & Trisha Lewis
Amway representative - Anne Pester

3rd February 2009
Red Cow Moran Hotel
Naas Rd,
Dublin 22
Tel : +353 (0)1 459 3650

Plan - Stephen Stranney
Amway representative - Robyn Crewe

3rd February 2009
Holiday Inn Norwich
Cromer Road
Norwich, Norfolk
Tel : 01603 410544

Plan - Derek & Sue Smiley
Amway representative - Kevin Denham

3rd February 2009
Premier Inn Old Trafford,
Trafford Park
M17 1WS
Tel : 0870 423 6450

Plan - James Walker
Amway representative - Maggie Hoyland

4th February 2009
Premier Inn
Wakefield Road
Tel : 0870 990 6360

Plan - Alford & Sophia Grant
Amway representative - Shirley Marelli

4th February 2009
Amway Training Centre
Caldecotte Lake Drive
Milton Keynes
Tel : 01908 629400

Plan - Juergen & Sally Brinner
Amway representative - Kevin Denham

5th February 2009
Hilton Hotel Swindon
Lydiard Fields,
Great Western Way,
Tel : 01793 881777

Plan - Hubert & Antonieta Dias
Amway representative - Anne Pester

5th February 2009
Holiday Inn Express
Tempus Drive,
Tel : 01922 705250

Plan - George Areje
Amway representative - Maggie Hoyland

9th February 2009
Best Western Hilcroft Hotel
East Main Street,
West Lothian
EH47 0JU
Tel : 01501 740818

Plan - Issy Warrack / Victoria Kostoris
Amway representative - Shirley Marelli

9th February 2009
Holiday Inn Brent Cross
Tilling Road,
Tel : 0871 4234931

Plan - Abigail Dzwairo & Meinrad Faessler
Amway representative - Kevin Denham

10th February 2009
Athlone Springs Hotel
Co. Westmeath,
Tel : 353 906 444444

Plan - Paul & Mary Sandys
Amway representative - Maggie Hoyland

Come along and bring your prospects with you.

We look forward to seeing you all.

Your Amway Sales Team.


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