Sunday, January 4, 2009

Amway Product Pricing:

A lot of challenges are facing the UK/ROI market. Recently when the UK government reduced the value added tax VAT rate in the UK all retailers reduced there prices to comply. Amway were fast to produce a supplementary price list for the UK sterling market to take account of the VAT reduction.
However we here in the ROI market are now under pressure from the sterling - euro exchange rate. With the strength of the euro in around the 94pence mark we are not getting the benefit.
Amway are still using a 50% price differential on products i.e. £1 of product = €1.50 in ROI - my question to Amway is when are you going to level the playing pitch with the price differential - we may be a small part of the UK/ROI market but we should at least expect to be treated as equals - isn't that the nature of this business??
How can we sell out of a dual priced catalogue when everyone knows the conversion rate of sterling to euro??
Amway you need to take action.

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What is Network Marketing:

This is a great question because there are a lot of misconceptions out there. Basically Network Marketing is the movement of goods & services through a combination of manufacturers, sevice providers and self employed people/business owners in order to sell those goods & services to an end user.