Friday, November 6, 2009

Amway Launch New Beauty Brand in 2010

Looks like Amway have done it again this looks like direct competition to the Avon brand - watch this space for more news:

The Changing Face of Beauty in 2010


To help grow the Amway business and further benefit you and your customers, Amway is looking for the biggest opportunities within the beauty market. Our key focus will remain on the ARTISTRY™ Brand and in 2010 we launch an exciting new beauty brand,beautycycle™.

NEW beautycycle™ An exciting new beauty range to Amway. More details to follow soon!

beautycycle products will further enhance your beauty business opportunities, by opening the doors to those customers who currently do not purchase ARTISTRY products and are looking for a simpler, more affordable approach to beauty.

This is a truly exciting time for beauty within Amway; not only are we introducing the new beautycycle Brand but our power-brand – ARTISTRY – will be strengthened and elevated through refocus on the advanced science technologies found within the products and also new launches, for both skin & colour.

To ensure that we optimise the opportunities and focus on these two key brands, it has been decided that the E FUNKHOUSER™ NEW YORK Brand will be discontinued globally.

For this reason Color Collection C010 will be the last collection from the E. FUNKHOUSER Brand. The Professional Product Series will be available for the length of this Collection (C010), however, with varying stock levels, some products may run out quickly.

The ARTISTRY Brand offers products to women who are looking for prestige cosmetics with the latest technology. The beautycycle Brand meets the needs of women who are interested in simple, yet effective solutions. Together these two beauty brands will be powerful tools to truly grow your business.

What is Network Marketing:

This is a great question because there are a lot of misconceptions out there. Basically Network Marketing is the movement of goods & services through a combination of manufacturers, sevice providers and self employed people/business owners in order to sell those goods & services to an end user.