Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Amway Ireland goes from strength to strength:

Recent reports from Amway suggest that Amway Ireland is growing at a faster rate than our neighbours across the pond in the UK – Ireland is reported to be achieving 23% + of the entire UK/ROI market. This is fantastic growth for Ireland and in some ways reflects the get up and go in the Irish. The economy is under pressure [putting it mildly] and this is great for a home based business such as Amway. There is no better time than now to get involved in the direct selling industry and take control of your future – With no registration fee Amway have taken away the barriers – Give it a go – you never know you might enjoy being your own boss.
If you have an interest in starting a home based Amway Business contact me by email.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I enjoyed your Amway article. I buy Amway products here in NZ. I didn't realise they have waved the fees. Is that just for Ireland? I have been building a team here and Amway is one of the companies my 3000+ team mates is looking at joining. It's free and working really well for me.

90210sales said...

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katherine said...

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