Friday, April 2, 2010

Amway Opportunity Meetings

Some great news for Amway in Ireland. The amount of Open Opportunity Meetings have been expanded in April to take account of the growth in the Irish Market. 
The idea behind these business presentations is to assist Amway Business Owners [ABOs] in presenting the opportunity to new people and for new and existing ABOs to discuss learn more about their Amway Business. 
As these meetings form part of Amway's support to ABOs there is no entry fee, therefore every ABO should avail of the meeting in their area. 
Even if ABOs do not have guests or new ABOs to bring to the meeting they should come along to meet the team, learn the business and support Amway - after all they are supporting us.

This is the list taken from the latest email form Amway:April Amway Opportunity Meetings
Weekly Amway Opportunity Meetings at the UKFEC
Please be reminded that we are holding weekly Opportunity Meetings at the London Centre every Tuesday at 8pm!! Be sure to bring along your prospects and let them hear about the Opportunity from some of our most successful Amway Leaders.
Awmay Opportunity Meetings in Ireland -
All meetings will start at 8pm
1st Apr 2010 Dublin Red Cow Moran Hotel
5th Apr 2010 Belfast Ramada Shaws Bridge - NEW ADDITION!!!
8th Apr 2010 Dublin Red Cow Moran Hotel
12th Apr 2010 Belfast Ramada Shaws Bridge - NEW ADDITION!!!
15th Apr 2010 Dublin Red Cow Moran Hotel
19th Apr 2010 Galway Clayton Hotel
19th Apr 2010 Belfast Ramada Shaws Bridge - NEW ADDITION!!!
20th Apr 2010 Belfast Ramada Shaws Bridge
20th Apr 2010 Limerick Lynch South Court Hotel - NEW ADDITION!!!
21st Apr 2010 Cork Cork International Hotel - NEW ADDITION!!!
22nd Apr 2010 Dublin Red Cow Moran Hotel
26th Apr 2010 Belfast Ramada Shaws Bridge - NEW ADDITION!!! 
29th Apr 2010 Dublin Red Cow Moran Hotel
Yours sincerely
Andy Smith
General Manager & Director, Amway UK and RoI


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