Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Customer Service:

There is a great post over on about customer service.
We are also spoiled-silly in Ireland as we have access to the same great service as Bridgett. Amway has a reputation for customer service that is second to none and on reading Bridgetts post I began to ponder on this aspect of the Amway business and have come to the conclusion that we do not exploit and promote this enough.
Everyone enjoys great customer service and in the world we live in some would believe it to be a premium.
When you combine premium service with premium products and a no quibble 100% money back guarantee and people who are committed to supplying all this as a way of earning an honest living we surely have to be an unbeatable team.


rocket said...

We'll see if you have more confidence than your hero Bridgett when it comes to publishing comments. She feels the need to censor frank discussion which isn't favorable to your "business"

I don't think Amway has any choice but to offer a no quibble money back guarantee.

If they didn't, it's safe to say nobody would spend that much money, and it's about the only thing you can say as a selling point for your overpriced products.

In any event, very few IBO's retail.

So the money being spent is by people paying too much for stuff and hoping that they'll get rich doing it.

So how's that working out for you & Bridgett?

alpha said...

Hi rocket - well first we'll keep this civil in both tone & content otherwise deletion occurs.
Next thing is as you well know 100% money back guarantee has always been a trade mark of the Amway business.
As for retailing it is mandatory for Amway Business Owners to have retail customers before they can register or sponsor others into the business.

Dave said...

I don't understand why Amway products are sold on ebay for pennies on the dollar if there is a money back guarantee by Amway.

IBOFB said...


My guess is that it's because someone has deliberatly broken Amway's rules and stockpiled products to qualify for some pin level they don't actually deserve.

If they returned the products they'd also have to return the "bonus" and pin. Apart from being unethical, it's also clearly a stupid way to build any business profitably.

Bridgett said...

Um, have I censored any of your comments? I don't remember getting one from you...unless you posted it under the hackneyed handle "Anonymous", and wrote nothing more than what would be considered a "crank call" in my part of the world.

Having seen items on ebay, checking in every few months or so for the last few years, the only "pennies on the dollar" items I've seen lately are really old stuff that is no longer usable. I've see stuff that was discontinued at least five years ago. Sorry, don't wanna put that decade-old Artistry product on my face, thank you very much.

I love when the description says "new". Yeah, true that it's never been opened but come on! :)

Regarding current and usable stuff, that is maybe close to "half-dollars" on the dollar. :)

And I've talked to the Corp about ebay and these items. They have people whose job it is to track Amway products on ebay (I'm talking U.S. and Canada, by the way, even though we are on a blog form ROI). When they see spikes in sales for a particular IBO, one of the first things they look at is ebay.

It's gotten a lot better over the past year or so, regarding clamping down on those who break the rules and do what IBOFB explains.

Merry Christmas, Alpha!

Made the mistake, very late on Christmas Eve, of checking my email and this thread came up on a Google Alert.

Well, to bed now. Kids will be up in a few short hours, ready to tear open some presents.

Blessings to you. And have a great 2009!

alpha said...

Hi Dave a quick search Amway on ebay .ie & shows only suncream for sale by someone & an Artistry product from Thailand & an air system from USA and a lot of 'system tapes' being flagged as Amway but in fact not produced by Amway they were BWW, IBS & Internet.
Very interestingly there is a game:
Victory Circle board game 1981 Amway Western Publishing 1778 Good contents and box Price £14.50 P&P £4.40

alpha said...

I did a quick search of ebay USA & 7 pages of Amway related products came up.
One question I would have for potential customers is: Can you be sure of the integrity of the product if it is not coming from an Amway Business Owner - you loose all your rights & your 100% money back guarantee and also some of the suppliers are not from the USA - those that are may or may not be Amway Business Owners.
I did however spot someone selling a nearly new set of Queen Cookware that looked good value.

Tex said...


A better guess is the products are more than 6 months old.

I've bought quite a few things off eBay, and many items are 1/4 to 1/2 the Amway cost. Most of the food products are either dated (vitamins) or more recently available products (energy bars, etc.).

It's also quite easy to buy products and sell them from a different address, which would make determining the source quite difficult. Based on Amway's non-action to blatant issues I've notified them of (and recently posted on my site), I wouldn't have much confidence they're doing much to "police" this area.

fern said...

Oh' that's great! "Everyone enjoys great customer service and in the world we live in some would believe it to be a premium." Wish I can also try their service some other time. Thanks for sharing.

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