Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Can we Succeed where others Fail:

Most successful people from all walks of life will tell you that success is up to yourself. They will also tell you that after many years of hard work success found them.

They woke one morning and found they were an overnight success – I don’t think so!

So let us focus on success or failure in Network Marketing.

You get involved in a network marketing business - why - are you looking for more money? More time? A bit of both? Do you want to be I control of your life? Why is it you got involved? Answer this question and the process begins.

Define what you are looking for – write it down – successful people call this the Reason Why or the Goal or the Dream.

You could be just looking to earn an extra €100 per month and that would be success for you – so in that case work with whoever registered you into the business and get them to show you how to make €100 per month.

If your Goal is to create a larger income through building and maintaining a network of people then you need to sit down with a successful member of your support team and put a plan in place but remember you still have to do the basic requirements of the business plan to get started – so you can work away at putting in the foundation of your business.

All large building projects begin with a strong foundation – put in the foundation because long term this is what your success is built on.

Can we Succeed where others Fail? Of course we can - people fail in all walks of life it doesn’t have any bearing on other peoples success and it also doesn’t brand them a failure.

To have a little doubt is ok but to have faith in your own ability is even more important.

Be willing to listen but also be willing to work hard – go on blaze a new trail for yourself and others will follow.

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What is Network Marketing:

This is a great question because there are a lot of misconceptions out there. Basically Network Marketing is the movement of goods & services through a combination of manufacturers, sevice providers and self employed people/business owners in order to sell those goods & services to an end user.